The Ten by Three Formula

10 Baskets a Month

 Ten by three purchases ten baskets a month from artisans

Three Businesses

Proceeds from weaving are used to start three business ventures

Financial Stability

These businesses creating a safety net that protects against economic downturns and personal hardships 

Prosperity Through Partnership

Our cornerstone, the Prosperity Wages® model, sets us apart. By ensuring that our artisans receive wages 2.5 times higher than fair trade standards, we provide them with more than just an income—they gain a foundation for a sustainable future. This approach has not only lifted families out of poverty but has also fostered communities where education thrives, healthcare is accessible, and economic stability is within reach.

Entrepreneurship as Empowerment

We go further by nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit in each artisan. The revenue from their crafts seeds three separate business ventures, creating a safety net that protects against economic downturns and personal hardships. This model of diversification ensures that our artisans and their communities are resilient, capable of withstanding challenges that come their way.

A Tag of Transparency and Connection

Transparency is at the heart of what we do. Every Ten by Three product comes with a unique story tag, detailing the artisan's name, their country, and a code. This code connects you, the supporter, directly with the artisan's story, creating a bridge between cultures and continents. It’s a testament to our belief that every product is not just a transaction, but a transformative exchange that enriches lives on both sides of the globe.

Join Us on This Journey

Our work at Ten by Three is a tapestry of stories, each thread woven with dreams and determination. As we embark on our next chapter, we invite you to join us. Your support on this fundraising journey enables us to reach more artisans, launch more sustainable businesses, and create a larger impact across the globe. Together, we can construct a world where every purchase empowers, every product tells a story, and every community thrives.

Become a part of this transformative mission. With Ten by Three, your contribution isn’t just a donation—it’s an investment in a future where trade is fair, opportunities are accessible, and communities worldwide flourish.

Your support crafts the foundation for a better tomorrow. Let’s build this future together.

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