Ten by Three is now Ten by Three

After 14 years under Ten by Three, we’ve grown beyond just baskets and have created an impact greater than we could have ever imagined. Thanks to your support along the way, we’ve helped over 4,000 basket artisans and now we’re helping stone carvers, textile artisans, and coffee farmers.

While transforming countless lives, we have been hard at work on applying the knowledge we have gained. Thanks to your support, we have discovered the underlying formula responsible for the success our artisans have achieved! Our methods solve one of the toughest challenges to ending poverty – how to make it sustainable. Ending poverty sustainably is something even the World Bank has not been able to solve. With your help, we have learned that when we purchase an average of 10 products a month at Prosperity Wages directly from an artisan for 3 years, we create a sustainable exit from poverty. We realized Ten by Three name no longer reflects the full scope of our organization nor does it honor the importance of the discovery we have made to ending poverty sustainably.


Ten by Three