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Featured: August 22, 2018

Ten by Three: Selling African Artisans’ Baskets in an effort to eradicate extreme poverty

Featured: July 30, 2018

Transforming Impoverished Artisans into Entrepreneurs: Theresa Carrington shares how she helps shift artisans from poverty to prosperity!

Featured: July 17, 2018

Ten by Three, a 501(c)3 nonprofit and their fair trade model: Theresa Carrington is a guest on ForbesBooks Radio and talks about Ten by Three and their sustainable end to poverty.

Featured: June 12, 2018

Ten by Three, a 501(c)3 nonprofit and their Prosperity Wages: Theresa Carrington is a guest on ForbesBooks Radio and talks about how Prosperity Wages reduces poverty in developing nations by creating working capital for local artisans, so they can ultimately sustainably exit poverty.

Featured: April 21, 2018

Ten by Three to launch plan to support women: Ten by Three looks towards starting operations in Nepal in association with the US Embassy in Kathmandu.

Featured: April 17, 2018

Theresa Carrington: Founder/CEO of The Blessing Basket Project: Theresa Carrington is a guest on ForbesBooks Radio and talks about The Blessing Basket Project

Featured: December 7, 2017

The Blessing Basket Project: Weaving Better Lives Worldwide: Brittany Nay focuses on how The Blessing Basket Project has transformed lives around the world.

Featured: March 31, 2017

How The Blessing Basket Project Is Helping to Empower Artisans. Dana Claudat writes how your home decor purchases can truly impact the world.

Featured: October 31, 2017

Meet The Maker: Ten by Three Room and Board showcases our partnership

Featured: October, 2016

QUEEN MOTHER OF DEVELOPMENT ZAARE.In an Enskining Ceremony held in the Zaare/Nyariga Traditional Area in Ghana, Africa Theresa Carrington made history. She was Enskinned as the first foreigner to Queen Mother of Development of the traditional area by Chief Paul Asana Agoo.

Featured: June 1, 2016

GS1 Small Business Standards Success Award: The Blessing Basket Project honored during 2016 GS1 US Apparel and General Merchandise Retail Industry Achievements Awards Ceremony for a transparent supply chain.

Featured: April 2016

Intercultural Innovation Award: The Blessing Basket Project’s patent-pending Artisan&You technology enables impoverished artisans to exchange letters with their customers around the world, creating powerful intercultural connections. Blessing Basket has been honored by the UNAOC as one of the top 10 projects in the world promoting intercultural diversity and understanding. The Blessing Basket Project as an awardee for the 2016 Intercultural Innovation Award.

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