Uganda Nesting Bin Set of 3


GET 40% OFF WHEN YOU BUY THE SET! The Uganda Nesting Bins come in Ancient Burgundy and Silver Fox (limited quantity). All bins are handmade so sizes are approximate and colors will vary slightly due to the natural dyes used. See below for sizing. Contact us for availability of specific color and patterns. Connect directly with the artisans of your baskets through our Artisan&You® program online.



Our products from Uganda are handcrafted from stalks of a local banana plant, then wrapped in raffia. Harvesting the leaves of both plants encourages growth of new leaves and is completely sustainable. The average time to weave a basket is about two days. Our exclusive Prosperity Wages® model means that for every single Ten by Three basket sold from Uganda, the artisan is able to purchase two chickens,1 male & 1 female, which puts them into the chicken business.

S 5″(H) x 7″(D) x 22″(C)

M 7″(H) x 9″(D) x 28″(C)

L 9″(H) x 11″(D) x 35″(C)




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