Hat with Brim


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This hat will show friends and family you are a true global citizen! It was hand crafted by our artisans in Madagascar.  In Madagascar your hat is a very important part of your image. It is very common to see someone wearing a hat with the brim nearly falling off. A well-worn hat commands respect for how hard the owner works.  Hats also play a special role on market day. Market day is not only where locals get their food for the week, but it’s also a social event, highlighted by beautiful hats.  All Blessing Basket products from Madagascar are woven from sedge, which was once considered by the locals an invasive weed.  Because of our work, sedge is now grown as a cash crop creating environmentally rich marshes.  The harvesting is done by cutting and is completely sustainable.  The average time to weave a hat is about one day.  These are handcrafted items so sizes are approximate. Colors vary.




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