Ghana Ceremonial Paglika


A paglika is a scarf used by chiefs and highly respected people in society.  It’s a sign of authority when used alongside the “Munga” (Chief’s Hat). Every chief must use a paglika.

More information about uses and paglika meaning can be found below.

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The paglika is also worn by groups at festivals and ceremonies to showcase their loyalty, bravery and identity to a certain clan, ancestral lineage or community. Colors might be indicative of the colors a clan ancestors might have hunted.

This paglika was specially designed by our artisans in Ghana in collaboration with St. Louis designer Susan Block. Each of the colors in this paglika have a special meaning.

Blue: Loyalty, Harmony and Security
Green: Hope and Success
White: Peace and Joy

When you wear a paglika, it symbolizes you are a guardian of humanity and possess these qualities.

To see how it is worn click below:




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