Our Models
Majada Katun in Bangladesh celebrates her rice fields purchased using earnings made through ten by three

Prosperity Wages

The Ten by Three Prosperity Wages® model ensures our Artisans are paid more for their products than by anyone in the world. 

The idea behind this exclusive model is to empower entrepreneurial minded artisans by providing them access to the global market and access to sufficient wealth to start their businesses.  

Prosperity Wage earnings are paid to the artisan right in their home village which means they never go searching for a market.  All Prosperity Wages are paid in full for the artisan’s products at the time they are collected. 

Never does an artisan wait for their products to sell in order to get paid.  Where possible Prosperity Wages are delivered in the form of mobile money paid right to the artisan’s cell phone.  Artisans are free to steward the money as they wish but must agree to start three small businesses.  

It is the income from those three businesses that will sustain them long after they have graduated from Ten by Three.

The Ripple Effect

Latif’s Prosperity Wages earned when supporters of Ten by Three purchased his baskets helped him succeed through our Graduate from Poverty program to graduate out of poverty and into a life of prosperity — and now Latif is doing whatever he can to give those in his community the same opportunity he was given. 
The ripple effect that starts with the purchase of a single Ten by Three product expands to transform entire communities in the areas we serve.
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Latif installs new power lines for our community in nyariga, ghana after graduating from ten by three
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Graduates in Jhikargacha, Bangladesh enjoy dancing and festivities that accompany every graduation celebration.
Adombila shows off her three businesses. Cows, goats and sheep. Today she has successfully completed our Graduate from Poverty model and is living a life of prosperity

Graduate from Poverty

Helping each and every one of our artisans become an entrepreneur and enabling them to earn sufficient wealth through Prosperity Wages to build their businesses is at the core of our Graduate from Poverty® model. 

Developed and perfected over the last decade, our exclusive Graduate from Poverty model ensures each and every artisan remains well-held while they build their sustainable businesses. 

Through this model, the artisan will “tip” from poverty to prosperity in about three year’s times.  We know they are ready to graduate when they spend less of their time weaving and more of their time running their businesses.  Each artisan is then carefully and thoroughly screened before being allowed to graduate.  The idea that an artisan will not weave for our organization forever is a much harder way to conduct our work because it means we are continually finding and training new artisans. We choose to conduct our poverty eradication work in this way because we believe it is in the best interest of those we serve.

On graduation day, each artisan stands before their family, their village, and their village leaders to declare publicly that they are free of poverty and ready to stand on their own two feet as an independent business owner. During this empowering ceremony, each graduate is pinned with a badge identifying them by name and the year they graduated. They are also given a graduation certificate. These items are often used as means to prove their business savvy to local banks and micro-lending programs which go on to provide funding their businesses will need to grow.