Founding Story
Theresa Carrington
Theresa Carrington
Theresa Carrington embraces a former village chief in Ghana, Africa

Founding Story

In 2002, when facing opposition in her personal life, Theresa was inspired by the incredible support from her friends and family. They sent her notes, cards, and pictures for encouragement, which she kept in her own ‘Blessing Basket’ that she would turn to for daily reinforcement.

To motivate other women, Theresa began speaking at conferences and organizations, using her Blessing Basket as a prop. Soon, women started to request their own Blessing Basket. Enthused by this interest, Theresa sought a way to establish a deeper connection with the maker of the baskets and the recipients while simultaneously blessing both sides. She also wanted to ensure that the makers would be compensated properly without having to cede the majority of the profits to a middleman.

Finding a direct path to impoverished artisans around the world took more than a year. By the summer of 2003, the first major shipment of Blessing Baskets arrived and the The Blessing Basket Project® vision was made a reality. 

After more than a decade of success with connecting basket artisans around the world to the global marketplace, new artisans who made a wide array of handmade goods began reaching out because they saw the benefits of the program. 

In 2018, the underlining formula responsible for our incredible success was ddeveloped, and The Blessing Basket Project was officially renamed Ten by Three®catapulting the sustainable formula that started it all into the spotlight and helping broaden the organization’s brand beyond baskets.

Theresa continues to pay it forward every day by empowering the artisans of Ten by Three with the opportunity to make a better life for themselves via the organization’s progressive technology and thought leadership.

Theresa Carrington shares her inspiring story of Ten by Three®.

In The Spotlight

Theresa is someone who considers herself an ordinary person. She refused to be defined by the difficult circumstances of her life and chose instead, on an ordinary day, to embark on the extraordinary journey known today as Ten by Three®.

The results achieved by Ten by Three have been the subject of several studies by some of the nation’s top universities. The organization is a leader in the use of innovative technologies, including its patent-pending Artisan&You technology.

Theresa has been honored as one of St. Louis’s Most Influential Women; Humanitarian of the Year by Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville; and YWCA Non Profit Leader for her opinion- leading perspective and unique approach to poverty reduction.

Prior to founding The Blessing Basket Project, Theresa was a journalist who achieved numerous honors, including 9 Emmy awards, over the course of her 20+ year career. She now uses her journalism skills to share the stories of determination, inspiration and joy of Ten by Three artisans from around the world – reminding us how one person can truly change the world.