Become a Retail Partner

Becoming a member of The Blessing Basket Project retail family is more than just about profits.

Our products are incredibly beautiful, handcrafted and useful
& they support artisans worldwide to sustainably exit poverty through entrepreneurship. 

We are committed to transparency.

Our exclusive, award-winning Artisan&You technology ensures that your customer knows who handmade their product. Every Blessing Basket product comes with an artisan card – which proudly displays the face & name of the artisan who made that product. On the back of these cards is a unique ID number, which allows customers to look up the artisan who made their product, read about their lives, and even exchange letters with them! Not only are we changing the way consumers think about fair trade products, but we are also creating a dialogue centered around your store!

Learn more about our Artisan&You technology here!

We are committed to quality.

Retailer Display

We will never send you floppy baskets!

Our baskets are ready to be displayed as soon as they are received.

We know how important and valuable your time is, and we don’t want you to waste it reshaping floppy baskets.

That is why we ensure that every product is display-ready before it leaves our doors.

We are committed to our artisans.

It is more than likely that our organization is the only nonprofit basket provider available to you.

We are truly in this for our artisans, and nothing else. We do what we do to make a lasting impact, and to end poverty.

We provide real impact data that your orders have on our artisans. Our exclusive impact calculator provides you with the global impact your orders have made through our Prosperity Wages model. This powerful and unique calculator will tell you how many chickens, cows, years of school, etc. each order you place enables our artisans to purchase. 


We are committed to you.

We want you to be successful in marketing and selling our products, and that is why we provide an online toolkit dedicated to our retail partners. Our online toolkit makes ordering quick and easy! It is also packed with turnkey marketing materials, ready to be printed and displayed.

Blessing Basket customer support is only an email or phone call away to assist you with product and store displays.

We will also include you on The Blessing Basket Project’s website as an official basket retailer.