Indonesia has a population of 252 million, more than 28 million Indonesians live below the poverty line. Creating jobs is a major challenge, it is often a slow pace, which leaves 40% of the entire population susceptible to falling into poverty. (World Bank 2018)

Whole Foods Market teamed up with Indonesia for Holiday Orders in 2015. Artisans were able to receive 4x the normal income, expand 35 businesses, 10 housing improvements, and 54 years of school, purchasing power to feed 101 families of 4 for a year with the help of one of our partners!


In Indonesia white and black bamboo are considered an invasive plant that is encroaching on the native forests. The harvesting of the bamboo is done by cutting it from the marsh and dried in the sun. Baskets from Indonesia have two colors, brown and white.  The brown color is from black bamboo and the white is the internal part of the white bamboo

Our head artisan, Pac Udin created this unique design. After importing his baskets to the United States via Ten by Three his special pattern gained attention throughout Indonesia. Udin starts with thin strips of bamboo woven in an “over/under” pattern creating a grid. The woven grid is then placed over any object to create the desired shape. The bamboo can take nearly any shape.  The objects Udin uses include square boxes, traffic cones and even the top of a propane tank. He gently presses the bamboo around the object to create the beginning shape of the basket.

TECHNIQUE: “over/under” technique, which enables the artisan to create beautiful patterns and shape

TIME FRAME: It takes the average Indonesian artisan 1.5 days to weave a basket.